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Travel Insurance


Travel insurance would help you tackle all the travel and medical contingencies while you travel abroad and claim is paid in respective currency of that country. Your standard Health Policy has a geographical limitation and hence it is advisable to have travel insurance before going abroad either for business or leisure.
avoid unforeseen conditions like flight delay, loss of baggage, loss of passport as well as medical emergencies, buying travel insurance becomes extremely necessary. It is also convenient and easy, as you can buy travel insurance online.
The cover applies to all countries stated in the Schedule except the Republic of India where the Insured / Insured Person has a permanent place of residence, except as otherwise provided.
Single trip policy is good for one-time travellers. If you buy a Travel Policy and then due to any reason the duration of stay has been extended then you can request your Insurance Company to extend the Travel Policy by paying extra premium. For maximum of 180 days this policy could be issued.
This policy is ideal for frequent travellers or globetrotters. It's valid for making several trips during the year, each Trip, ranging from 30-45 days, As there are various plans offered under travel insurance you have the option to choose the coverage and the type of plan depending upon your needs.
Various general insurance companies offer tailor-made travel insurance plans considering requirement of various destination having different requirement. Features like a total loss of checked-in-baggage, no medical test for a person above 80 years age, cashless hospitalization etc. are covered by most of the international travel insurance plans
Sr. Citizen Travel Insurance Plan
Different insurance companies offer comprehensive travel insurance to the senior citizens for stress-free travel around the world. Benefits like medical cancellation of the trip, burglary back home when you are busy enjoying your vacation, loss of baggage, pre-existing illnesses cover, emergency medical expenses, personal liability, emergency financial assistance, dental treatment, flight cancellation, etc. are covered under this type of travel insurance.
Student Travel Insurance
A student travel insurance plan offers medical as well as financial support to the students travelling abroad for higher studies. A student might face sudden medical emergencies or financial problems while studying in the foreign land. This might interrupt student’s studies as well. Student travel insurance plan would cover any such emergencies throughout the duration of studies without any hindrances.
Asia Travel Insurance
If you are travelling to any of the Asian countries or Southeast Asian countries, then Asia travel insurance comes into the picture. Here benefits offered include distress allowance, loss of passport, emergency cash assistance, emergency medical cover, third-party liability etc. Asia travel insurance offers a comprehensive coverage that would take care of any uncertainties.
Corporate Travel Insurance Plan
Many employees have to visit different countries for business trips. To safeguard them from any unforeseen situations, the employers offer them with corporate travel insurance plans. These travel insurance plans can be tailor-made as per the employee's requirement and they offer medical assistance as well as travel-related cover to the insured. This covers injuries, loss of baggage, emergency evacuation, and flight cancellations etc.
1. Medical Cover (Sum Insured) : Expenses payable for hospitalisation of the insured for emergency medical treatment due to illness or accident.
2. EXISTING DISEASES COVER: Expenses payable for existing diseases in life threatening scenarios. Usually this is 10% of the Sum Insured.
3. Medical Evacuation: expenses are payable in the event of emergency which requires for medical evacuation considering the condition of the patient.
4. Personal Accident Cover: expenses payable in event of death or injuries sustained of Permanent Total Disablement
5. Baggage Loss Cover: Expenses payable for complete & permanent loss of insured traveller’s checked baggage.
6. Baggage Delay: amount payable when the checked in baggage is received after 12 hours of landing of an aircraft /ship – mode of transportation excluding money/valuable/securities etc.
7. Dental: Cover: There is specific sub limit for expenses payable for expenses related to dental treatment in case of injuries.
8. Trip Delay: Expenses payable due to trip delay beyond specified number of hours mentioned on the Policy.
9. Trip Cancelation: amount is payable in the event of cancellation or interruption of the trip due to circumstances beyond the control of the Insured
10. Loss of passport: Amount is payable equivalent to obtaining duplicate or fresh passpot, in the event of loss of passport.
11. Third Party Liability: In the event of any claim in which the Insured becomes legally liable to a third party under law for an incident which results in death, injury or damage to the health of such third party or damage to his/her properties, but not exceeding the amount mentioned in the Policy.
12. Home Burglary Cover: damages/ expenses are payable in the event of loss/damage to the property of the Insured’s home in India during the overseas visit of the Insured where the coverage for jewellery shall not be more than 20% of the Sum Insured for coverage of this section.
General Exclusions:
The Company shall not be liable to make any payment in respect of
1. Any claim relating to events occurring before the commencement of the cover or otherwise outside of the period of insurance.
2. Any pre-existing disease or complications thereof
3. Treatment abroad if that is the sole reason or one of the reasons for the Insured / Insured Person's temporary stay abroad.
4. Any claim if the Insured / Insured Person – a. is travelling against the advice of a physician; b. is receiving, or is on a waiting list to receive, specified medical treatment declared in the physician's report or certificate; c. has received terminal prognosis for a medical condition; d. is taking part in a naval, military or air force operation.
5. Deductibles as specified in the Schedule.
6. Any claim arising out of illnesses or accidents that the Insured / Insured Person have caused intentionally or by committing a crime or as a result of drunkenness or addiction (drugs, alcohol).
7. Any claim arising out of mental disorder, anxiety, stress, depression, venereal disease or any loss, directly or indirectly, attributable to HIV (Human Immune Deficiency Virus) and/or any HIV related illness including AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) and / or any mutant derivative or variations thereof howsoever caused.
8. Illness / injury that are results of war and warlike occurrence or invasion, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, rebellion, insurrection, civil commotion assuming the proportions of or amounting to an uprising, military or usurped power, active participation in riots, confiscation or nationalisation or requisition of or destruction of or damage to property by or under the order of any government or local authority.
9. Any act of terrorism which means an act, including but not limited to the use of force or violence and/or the threat thereof, of any person or group(s) of persons, whether acting alone or on behalf of or in connection with any organization(s) or government(s), committed for political, religious, ideological, or ethnic purposes or reasons including the intention to influence any government and/or to put the public, or any section of the public, in fear.
10. Any claim arising from damage to any property or any loss or expense.
1. Minimum and Maximum age of the Insured / Insured Person shall be 3 months up to 80 years
2. In case of the Insured and Insured / Insured Person's Family being Insured under "Family Plan ", the minimum age of the Insured / Insured Person shall be 3 months and maximum age shall be 60 years . Under Family Plan, the maximum persons that may be covered under a Policy shall be 4 inclusive of the Insured and his/her lawful spouse and maximum of two (2) dependent children below the age of 21 years. In case of family plans, the sum insured is floating on the entire family members, except in case of Personal Accident benefit where the sum insured is applicable separately to each and every Insured Person of the family.
3. The maximum number of travel days under a single trip that may be insured, under the Policy, shall be 182 days. Provided that the Policy may be extended only once beyond the initial period of 182 days during the trip duration by a maximum of additional 183 days at the sole discretion of the Company by collecting additional premium. Provided further that for an Insured / Insured Person being up to the age of 60 years, the maximum trip duration (including any extension provided) shall not exceed 365 days in total. In case of an Insured / Insured Person being more than 60 years of age, the maximum trip duration (including any extension provided) shall not exceed 180 days in total.
4. The Policy start date shall be on or before the trip start date.
5. Extension of the Policy during the duration of the trip can be done only once at the sole discretion of the Company. The Insured / Insured Person shall submit a declaration letter clearly mentioning the claims filed during the original Policy duration and also that he / she is unaware of any existing health condition which could result in a claim during the extension period.

In case a claim has been filed in the original Policy duration, then the Policy may be extended only if the claim filed relates to the following benefits,
a. Dental treatment
b. Loss of passport
c. Total loss of checked baggage
d. Delay of checked baggage
e. Financial Emergency Assistance
f. Hijack Distress Allowance
g. Trip delay
h. Trip cancellation & interruption
i. Missed connection The extension of any Policy is at the sole discretion of the Company, and the Company is not liable to offer any reason to the Insured / Insured Person if the Policy is not extended.

6. A Policy may not be extended if a claim is already filed by the Insured / Insured Person. If the Insured / Insured Person do not declare the claims filed or the claims that are to be filed under the original Policy, then any extension of the Policy if granted shall be deemed to be invalid. No refund of premium will be given in case of extensions so invalidated. General Conditions (applicable To All Benefits under the Policy): 9 The Company will also not be liable to pay any claim filed under the extended Policy.
7. Termination of the Policy at a date earlier than the end date can be done only if the Insured / Insured Person returns back to the Republic of India earlier than the end date of the Policy. Refund of premium for the days between the arrival date and the end date of the Policy will only be given if the same are exceeding 10 days. A cancellation charge will be deducted from the refund premium. Premium refunded will be equal to the amount of premium to be paid for the original Policy duration minus the premium to be paid by taking the arrival date as the new end date. No refunds will be given on Policies with claims.
8. The premium payable for the extension of the Policy during the trip duration shall be the premium payable for the overall trip duration (including the extension) less the initial premium already paid.
9. Policy is applicable for one-way travel also, including immigration travel with the condition that the maximum duration of coverage will be 60 days.
10. The Insured / Insured shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent illness and injury in order to minimize claims. Failure to do so will prejudice the Insured / Insured Person's claim under this Policy.
11. The Insured / Insured Person shall provide the Company with the details of the trip and other information as may be required by the Company from time to time.
12. Deductible will be charged for each separate incident reported for claims payment, even though the claim may be registered under the same benefit more than once.

13. Claim Procedure –
a. The Insured / Insured Person shall immediately contact the Help Line of Emergency Assistance Service Provider stating necessary details. The details of phone numbers and Help Line are given in the Schedule attached to this Policy.
b. The Insured / Insured Person needs to contact the Help Line number while abroad as soon as possible and inform in case the Insured / Insured Person is/will be filing any claim, even if assistance is not required. The Company will not be liable to pay any claim that has not been informed by the Insured / Insured Person while abroad to the Help Line.
c. The Help Line of the Emergency Assistance Service Provider will verify the identity of the caller by asking appropriate information.
d. In the event of a illness / injury where it is not possible contact the Help Line before consulting a Physician or going to the Hospital, the Insured / Insured Person shall contact the Help Line as soon as possible. In either case, when being admitted as a patient, the Insured / Insured Person shall show the concerned Physician or personnel this Policy.
e. In case financial emergency assistance is required, the Insured / Insured Person shall immediately contact the Help Line of the Emergency Assistance Service Provider stating the details of his / her Policy along with the police report containing the passport number and a written statement narrating the incident of loss i.e. causes, circumstances and the place. Failure to do so may prejudice the Insured /Insured Person's claim.
f. In case of Medical Expenses, Dental Treatment, Repatriation of Mortal Remains and Financial Emergency Assistance, the Company's liability will only attach if these are incurred with the approval of Emergency Assistance Service Provider.
g. In case of Hijacking, the fact of the incident having occurred should be confirmed by police authorities. The police report should contain details such as the passport number of the Insured / Insured Person, the period of hijack, etc. In rare cases, the Company may consider other supporting documents such as a report issued by the airlines, newspaper reports, TV and other media coverage with regard to the particular hijacking incident.

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