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top up health insurance


An Adverse Medical History is categorized as the following conditions suffered by the prospective policyholder:
o  In the past 2 years, if the individual has undergone more than 2 hospitalizations.
o  Suffers from conditions such as diabetes, hypertension or chronic illnesses such as cancer, renal failure, Parkinson’s disease, Diabetes Mellitus type II, etc.
The following tests are conducted during the pre-acceptance health check-ups:
a.  Minimum Age of Entry: 18 months.
b.  Maximum Age of Entry: 65 years.
c.  Minimum age of entry as family member: 3 months
d.  Maximum age of entry as family member: 65 years
e.  Other Conditions: Only the spouse, dependent parents and dependent children are considered as “family” and can be added to the policy cover
f.  Maximum Number of policy that could be covered under top up policy: 6 persons.
Yes, the proposer has to pay the expenses incurred during the pre-acceptance health check-ups. If the policy proposal is accepted, then normally 50% of this expense will be reimbursed by the insurance provider.
The proposer need not be considered as the primary member but in TOP Up Policy the eldest family member will be considered the primary member and the others are considered as additional members and premium will be calculated accordingly. Lesser the age of the eldest member of the Policy lesser would be the premium for top up policy as well.
Yes. An amount equivalent to the basic Health Insurance is the deductible under the Top Up Policy which means that up to the minimum deductible the claim will fall under the original basic health insurance and only for the balance claim the Top Up Policy shall trigger.
Yes. The higher the deductible the lesser will be the premium. The logic behind this is that up to the higher sum Insured the probability of the initial claim shall fall under the limit of the basic health Policy. Only is some extraordinary circumstances, in case if the medical expenses are much more than the basic policy then the Top Up Policy shall pay the balance claim.

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